The system

There are construction industry works that call for the use of highly specialised products, equipment, practical know-how and experience

How it works

After a careful analysis of the requirements for the intervention, COPERNICO's technicians choose the right product for the specific case: COPETERN, for the encapsulation of asbestos, or the most suitable products among those of the COPELASTIC range, for the waterproofing of surfaces.
Then, once at the construction site, special lorries prepare the products on site, with continuous mixing carried out by using special electronically controlled dosing equipment. The application is made by spray, with a low pressure airless gun. The technique adopted and the skills of the operators guarantee the creation of a waterproof covering that is continuous and unalterable over time, which is guaranteed for 10 years by COPERNICO.


  • It does not require hydraulic and electrical connections on the construction site
  • Quick installation on any surface, even with complex geometry, up to 60 meters in height
  • It can be used both for horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • It does not soil and does not generate debris
  • It does not interfere with other work in progress on the construction site
  • It guarantees very fast execution times
  • It does not generate dust, it is not harmful to health

Revolution and Innovation

Sixty years ago, no one would have ever guessed what happened. Mankind on the moon, smallpox eradicated, green energy, the Internet and digital mobility. The many results of that binary and causal paradigm through which the future is built: innovate to revolutionize and revolutionize to innovate. Copernico is the brand of the future-present because it combines innovation and revolution in construction, starting from a tradition that dates back to 1960. Read more


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