Waterproofing Installation

Protection of the value of the structure and living comfort are the main purposes of the COPERNICO ON SITE waterproofing system.

The presence of internal infiltrations, in fact, creates structural damage and leads to countless habitability issues due to the reduction of environmental comfort (changes in the internal micro-climate) and the generation of unhealthy moulds.
is the complete intervention protocol, guaranteed for 10 years, based on the use of the exclusive products of the COPELASTIC range and on proven effective installation techniques.


  • Seamless application or with no discontinuity points
  • No maintenance is required over time
  • Two-fold purpose: waterproofing and protection of concrete from cracks and degenerative agents, typical of aggressive environments
  • No risk to have to reapply the protective coating
  • No need for additional protection
  • Compatibility with subsequent covering for any flooring or finishing element
  • It can also be applied vertically and on underground walls with complex geometry
  • Ideal solution for waterproofing roofs with photovoltaic plants
  • Not sensitive to UV rays
  • Excellent elasticity results in crack-bridging tests, in response to normal movements of the building (thermal deformations and more)
  • Perfect adhesion to any type of support (concrete, wood, polymeric materials, sheet metal and others), proven by laboratory tests
  • Inalterability of the elasticity and adhesion characteristics to the support, proven by numerous tests with freezing and thawing cycles and accelerated ageing tests.
  • "Non-hazardous" C.E.R. code: 17 01 01


The products of the COEPLASTIC line boast major certifications, which confirm their high performance standards. The certificates have been issued by:

Revolution and Innovation

Sixty years ago, no one would have ever guessed what happened. Mankind on the moon, smallpox eradicated, green energy, the Internet and digital mobility. The many results of that binary and causal paradigm through which the future is built: innovate to revolutionize and revolutionize to innovate. Copernico is the brand of the future-present because it combines innovation and revolution in construction, starting from a tradition that dates back to 1960. Read more


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