Asbestos Encapsulation

Encapsulation of hazardous items and reclamation of the storage areas, in strict compliance with the regulations in force.

This is a complete and final solution to asbestos issues guaranteed by the application of the copernico on site system. In these cases, COPERNICO's technicians operate following a strict procedural protocol, which is based on the use of the COPERTERN product and on the skills of specialised labourers. In addition, from the moment the intervention of COPERNICO ONSITE is requested, the technical personnel in charge of the project will carry out all the tasks required by law, immediately exempting the owner or administrator of the property from the liability associated with the presence of asbestos.

Unlike the most common encapsulation methods, which involve the use of coating paints of temporary duration, COPERNICO ONSITE adopts the COPETERN product, a resin-concrete mortar, constituted by special cement-based binders with high resistance, selected minerals with controlled grain size, synthetic polymers in water dispersion and specific additives.

COPETERN ensures a definitive solution, as certified by laboratory tests, in accordance with UNI 10686 regulations: 1998 dated 31.03.1998, which authorises its use for encapsulation of asbestos-cement slabs for Type A and Type B classes.

In addition, following other laboratory tests, the product is waterproof, not sensitive to ultraviolet rays and unalterable over time, even if subjected to extreme weather agents. The values of adhesion to the support (fibre cement plates) and the thickness of the layer applied are unchanged after its exposure to the numerous cycles of sun-rain and freezing-thawing cycles. Lab tests have demonstrated that even the presence of the colour of the last exposed layer does not change after the UVB accelerated ageing test and after more than 5,000 pressure wash cycles.


  • The final solution to asbestos problems
  • It prevents the removal of asbestos items and the renovation of the roofing
  • No maintenance is required over time
  • Not sensitive to UV rays
  • Resistant to extreme weather agents
  • Extremely light, it does not overload the structure


COPETERN boasts major certifications, which confirm its high performance standards. The certificates have been issued by:

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